A School Trip to the Opal Coast

A school trip that takes you on a quick hop across the English Channel to the Opal Coast in France is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the culture, language, and history of the area. The Opal Coast is the area in the north of France that stretches for 26 miles between Calais and Boulogne-Sur-Mer. The region played an important role in the wars, and today you can visit the various battlefields and see the locations where so much of the conflict took place. The main city that overlooks this lovely stretch of coastline is Calais – and some time spent here is a great way to start any visit to this part of northern France.

History of Calais

As a major town and ferry port on the Opal Coast of France, Calais has a history that dates back to the Roman settlement of Caletum. On a school trip to the city, you can unravel the history of the region. During the Medieval ages, the English fought over the town as it was the closest landing point to England and a valuable in-road to Europe for trade. Due to its location, Calais was often on the frontline for war, such as in the Napoleonic Wars, and at the end of 1918, Great Britain used Calais as its stronghold in post-Waterloo France. During World War II, the city of Calais was the site of the German siege of Calais and was virtually destroyed.

Seeing the Sights in Calais

When visiting the city on your school trip, make your way to the Place d’Armes – one of the largest squares in the city, and its heart during medieval times. The stunning Hôtel de Ville at Place du Soldat Inconnu should not be missed. Its Flemish, Renaissance façade was built in the years between1911 to 1925, and the 74-metre belfry can be seen from out at sea. It has been protected by UNESCO, since 2005, as part of a series of protected belfries throughout the region. From the Hôtel de Ville head to the Avenue Roger Salengro to see the Citadel of Calais, which was built between 1560 and 1571 to fend off potential invaders. Next, look out for the Tower de Guet, or Watch Tower, which is situated in the Calais Nord and is one of the city’s surviving pre-war buildings. It dates from 1229 as part of the fortifications of the city. From the forts and towers to the arts and history: Calais has many cultural aspects for students on a school trip to explore too. Visit the World War II Museum, at Parc St Pierre, housed in a former Nazi military bunker and WWII stronghold. Calais also offers a variety of theatre options such as Le Théâtre Municipal, Le Centre Culturel Gérard Philipe, and Le Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départementa, among others.

Travel Nursing Companies – Get the Pay and Benefits You Deserve

Travel nursing companies are a great resource for travel nurses. When you are looking at travel nursing jobs, be sure to speak with several agencies before choosing one to work with.

Some important items to consider are:

  • Benefits–You will want to consider which benefits are important to you and make sure the travel nursing companies you interview have them available. First day health insurance, free housing, travel reimbursement, CEU’s, and license reimbursement are some of the most popular. Choose an agency that has the benefits that you need.
  • Travel Nurse Recruiter–Speak with the recruiter, interview them. Make sure they understand what you hope to get from your job and career. Do they listen to your questions and provide good answers? Your health care recruiter will be an important part of your assignments. They are the go between for you and the hospitals.
  • Where would you like to travel?–Not all travel nurse agencies have contracts everywhere. It can be nice to have a small personal agency, just be sure they have contracts where you want to travel to. If you want to travel throughout the U.S. or internationally, you may need a larger agency to fit your needs.
  • Career Advancement–Many nurses are concerned having so many jobs will look unprofessional on their resume. Quite the opposite is true. It looks excellent on your resume. It shows flexibility and knowledge of different systems and ways of doing things. Travel nurses are up to date on the latest in the nursing profession. Many agencies also offer free or subsidized CEU’s. This benefit will keep you learning and growing as a nurse.

Once you understand what your needs are, make a list and interview some travel nurse companies. Be sure they offer everything that you will need to have a successful assignment.

8 Important Affiliate Marketing Tips

If you think affiliate marketing is easy, then you are wrong.

Over the years, I have seen plenty of affiliates who fail in their online venture. In fact, statistics have shown that 20 percent of affiliates produce 80 percent of all income; while 80 percent of affiliates generate 20 percent of all income.

This may be a sad figure, but it is true.

To succeed in affiliate marketing, you need more than just putting the affiliate links in your web site, pray that your visitors will click on it and make a purchase (that is what 80 percent of the affiliates are doing).

These are the things that you need to do:

Affiliate Marketing Tip 1: Be an affiliate of a niche market

Successful affiliate marketers focus on a niche market. They focus on serving a targeted audience with specific needs. Provide quality content related to the niche product or services will certainly increase the traffic to your site, and hence increase your affiliate sales.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 2: Be an affiliate of quality products or services

Do not promote a product or services just because it has a high commission payout. If the product or service is not up to the standard, it will only hurt your reputation. Instead, promote a product /service that you truly believe is good and beneficial to your visitors.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 3: Be a close friend of your visitors

One of the greatest mistake most affiliates make is to become a sales person. In actual fact, affiliate marketing is not about selling things. Rather, it is about recommending your friend a great product /services. The last thing that you want to do is to write a long sales pitch and scare your visitors off. Instead, write as if you are talking to a close friend.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 4: Be an expert in your field

Establish yourself as an expert in your field. This will greatly increase your credibility. The more credible you are, the more your visitors will trust your recommendation. Write plenty of articles related to your niche and distribute them to various article directories. Active participation in forums and discussion groups also help in improving your credibility

Affiliate Marketing Tip 5: Publish a monthly newsletter

Newsletter or Ezine is a effective tool for you to communicate with your visitors. It also gives you a reason to revisit them and attract them back to your site again.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 6: Give testimonial for your product

Testimonial is the best form of marketing. If you have tried the products or services, give your own personal testimonial. Else, request for the reviews of the products and place it in your site.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 7: Cloak your affiliate links

Cloaking affiliate links may not seem necessary, but it actually is. Apparently, visitors will not tend to click on your link when they see that it is leading to an affiliate program on your site.The best way to avoid this problem is by covering your URL. There are plenty of cloaking resources available over the Internet that you can make use of.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 8: Generate lot of traffic to your site

Traffic is vital to any web site. If you are not getting the traffic, you won’t be getting the result you desired. The best way to generate lot of traffic is to optimize your site for the search engine (SEO). Each and every page of your web site should be optimized with a specific keyword. For more tips on search engine optimization, click here.


To be successful in affiliate marketing is never easy, but it is surely attainable with the correct strategies. Follow these 8 affiliate marketing tips diligently and you will be on your way to the top 20 percent.