Creating a Culture of Success

Why is a company culture so important?

I was reading a book call The World is Flat and the author was discussing the importance of a country’s culture in making changes in adapting to changes in the world’s economy. He was referring to a country’s culture as:

o How well the country adapted to change

o How open the country are to other nationalities

o Their willingness the country is to embracing change

o How each country valued education

o How easy each country was to do business with

o How well each country’s political systems responded to change

Being a small business coach I could not help notice how relevant creating a culture is to the success of a business.

Before we go further we must define what culture means. Culture can be defined as the way a company defines and captures what’s important to ensure a company’s success. After the culture is defined, storing that knowledge so it can be passed down to future generation (new employees) takes on a whole new meaning. We can begin to understand why defining and implementing a corporate culture is so important.

Some things to consider when defining the type of culture you want to create would include:

o How do you and how much do you empower your employees to make decisions?

o Do you delegate and what do you delegate?

o How open you are to accepting input for others (employees, clients, suppliers) and how do you act on that information?

o What types of employees do you want to hire (the best and the brightest or people who are expected to leave their heads at home?)

o What are the values you want to embrace and promote to your customers, employees and suppliers (fairness, honesty or just meet the numbers?)

o What kinds of behaviors do you want to measure and reinforce (behaviors that create long term relationships or just make the sale and move to the next opportunity?)

Many companies do not give much attention to their corporate culture. It just evolves through the people they hire. It is usually driven by the attitude and behaviors or the company president and is passed along unconsciously.

When you take the time to define and create your corporate culture you are telling others what kinds of people will flourish in your company; it tells tell the market the companies you want to business with, it defines the behaviors that will be accepted in your organization.

Creating a specific company culture is just as important to the success of an organization as a sound business plan. In fact, the definition of how you want your corporate culture to perform should be a part of your business plan.

Of all the companies I studied, the most successful in the long term, were very clear in what their corporate culture would look like and they took action to see that is was implemented.

A Trip to the Best Party Destinations of the World

Everyone enjoys going for parties and refreshing themselves. They are not only entertaining but also full of fun and excitement. It is a pleasant experience to spend some days with your friends. There are many places where people would love to party but here I will tell you about the best party destinations in the world.

Let’s trip ourselves to the amazing party life where there is thrill and fun.

1. Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya is among the top party destinations where you can have a thrilling experience of the dazzling nightlife. The nightlife is full of rocking experiences with casinos, pubs, bars and many exciting things to do. But the best part is that even the days are filled with happening activities. You can enjoy delicious food in fabulous restaurants. Pattaya is well known for best and outstanding cabaret shows.

2. Mazatlan, Mexico

If one wants to enjoy a pure entertaining night then you must visit Mazatlan. The nightlife is full of music, dance and lots of festivities. The atmosphere is energetic and vibrant making it best for parties. You must visit the Valentinos which is the best disco of Mexico where you can have whole lot of fun by enjoying exclusive drinks. Other exciting places include the La Guitarra, Bora Bora Bar and Joe’s Oyster Bar.

3. Miami, Florida

Miami offers you a great destination as it has splendid beaches and great attractions. Once you’ve visited them you can enjoy the dynamic nightlife. There are clubs which offer quite fascinating drinks along with lots of thrill and excitement. Watching the dance shows is definitely an amazing experience which is beyond explaining in words.

4. Ibiza, Spain

If you have come to enjoy some of the rocking nights then it is just the best place. It has clubs with DJ’s where you can explore live music along with the special drinks that are served here. Ibiza has some of the best and most visited clubs. It is therefore called as “summer party capital of the world”. Visiting them will make your trip a captivating one.

5. Ios, Greece

Ios is known as the best party destination where day parties are enjoyed more than the nightlife. Here you will find lots of people who enjoy and dance. It will be an extraordinary experience if you come here. The atmosphere is altogether different and scintillating.

So next time you think of putting up a party for your friends let them experience a new excitement and thrill. They will surely cherish for years to come.

Choosing Your Family Cycling Trip Through Lithuania

With several opportunities for easy-going cycling, taking in parks, and lounging on the beach, the Seaside Cycle Route on Lithuania’s coast is a great family option.

Lithuania’s Seaside Cycle Route provides 3 different options for family cycling trips in Lithuania. These 3 seaside trails all extend from the town of Klaipeda, the third largest city in the country, and branch off to either the town of Nida, Butinge or Rusne Island.

With 200 km (125 miles) total of biking routes and 3 large bodies of water – the Baltic Sea, the Curonian Lagoon, and the Nemunas River – this journey includes spectacular views of forests, sand dunes, and the sea, and will have you experiencing UNESCO World Heritage sites, museums, and some amazing beach culture.

Your cycling trip in Lithuania surrounded by water on the Curonian Spit

The trek to Nida starts with a brief ferry ride from the middle of Klaipeda out to the start of the Curonian Spit. Your journey takes you cycling across the entire 52 km length of the island. Curonian Spit National Park occupies the entire Spit and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll take in the beauty of the area’s sand dunes, which open up to the sweeping vistas of the Baltic Sea on one side and the Curonian Lagoon on the other.

Stop through the quaint fishing towns of Preila, Perualka, Juodkrante, and Nida, and perhaps visit some of the amazing sculptures, monuments, and wide open beaches along the way. One of the most popular stops is at the Hill of Witches, a series of sculptures portraying characters from both pagan traditions and Lithuanian folklore.

See the beaches going north to Butinge

The second option on your family cycling trip in Lithuania is to head up the coast to the Latvian border. The trip to the city of Butinge, which borders Latvia, is the shortest of the 3 cycle routes at 49 km. This journey is steeped in history and relaxation. You’ll start off by cycling through Seaside Regional Park in the former Soviet military site that today comprises the towns of Giruliai and Nemiresta. Along this journey you’ll see sculptures, beautifully designed bridges extending over rivers and ponds, and experience a couple of great sea museums.

The highlight of the Klaipeda to Butinge route is perhaps the city of Palanga, which you’ll reach about halfway through your journey. Palanga is the most popular summer resort in Lithuania and during the holiday months you can find beaches packed with easy-going families and other vacationers lounging on the shores, playing games, and taking in the sun. The trampolines that line the beach in certain areas her may surprise you, as you don’t see this on most beaches, hop on and bounce away!

Take in the lowland down to Rusnė Island

Of the 3 routes on your family cycling trip in Lithuania, the longest in the Seaside Cycle Route is the journey to Rusne Island (115 km). This route has you and your family biking down mainly major roads and comes to a head at Nemunas Delta Regional Park, famous as the largest gathering place of water birds throughout the entire Baltic Sea region.

The whole of Rusne Island is contained by polders, which makes for a rather interesting sight, one that is unlike any other in the country. Because the area is in such an extreme lowland, years ago the residents were forced to build the polders to keep their island from constantly flooding.

Finding your route and setting off on a family cycling trip through Lithuania

This is really a great trip to discover the natural and cultural beauty of Lithuania from the seat of your bicycle. Try one of the 3 Seaside Cycle Routes or make a complete trip and attempt all 3!