Travel Nursing Companies – Get the Pay and Benefits You Deserve

Travel nursing companies are a great resource for travel nurses. When you are looking at travel nursing jobs, be sure to speak with several agencies before choosing one to work with.

Some important items to consider are:

  • Benefits–You will want to consider which benefits are important to you and make sure the travel nursing companies you interview have them available. First day health insurance, free housing, travel reimbursement, CEU’s, and license reimbursement are some of the most popular. Choose an agency that has the benefits that you need.
  • Travel Nurse Recruiter–Speak with the recruiter, interview them. Make sure they understand what you hope to get from your job and career. Do they listen to your questions and provide good answers? Your health care recruiter will be an important part of your assignments. They are the go between for you and the hospitals.
  • Where would you like to travel?–Not all travel nurse agencies have contracts everywhere. It can be nice to have a small personal agency, just be sure they have contracts where you want to travel to. If you want to travel throughout the U.S. or internationally, you may need a larger agency to fit your needs.
  • Career Advancement–Many nurses are concerned having so many jobs will look unprofessional on their resume. Quite the opposite is true. It looks excellent on your resume. It shows flexibility and knowledge of different systems and ways of doing things. Travel nurses are up to date on the latest in the nursing profession. Many agencies also offer free or subsidized CEU’s. This benefit will keep you learning and growing as a nurse.

Once you understand what your needs are, make a list and interview some travel nurse companies. Be sure they offer everything that you will need to have a successful assignment.